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Our Client Service
Face To Face Meeting
We begin by meeting our new clients face to face in the company's own setting. This way, we can find out not only the details of your vacancy but more about how your company operates and the types of people that will work best with you.
Face To Face Meeting
Candidate Selection
Now, with a good understanding of the post to be filled, we use our highly trained recruitment executives and the latest tools for personnel CV searching to provide you with a the best selection of candidates from which to choose.
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Registration Process
We have a 2 or 3 stage registration process with any candidates you decide to see. This always includes a face to face interview with Renowned Resourcing as we feel that this provides a much more accurate description of your candidates and what they can do.
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Once a candidate has been placed with you, we arrange follow up visits with both client and candidate at a time that is convenient for you to provide our after care support.
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Satisfaction Guarantee
...and if after all of that, the unthinkable should happen within the probation period and the placement does not work out in the way you hoped, Renowned Resourcing provide a Free Replacement service to protect your investment!
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